Apartments SMILJANKA
island HVAR

bay Pobij 21467 Gdinj village
contact: Ivana Visković
GSM: 0038598552185

Apartments SMILJANKA island Hvar

rental, robinson tourism


 About us


History and tradition

Apartments Smiljanka are owned by family Viskovic. We are in tourist industry over 20 years. We offer 2 Robinson apartments. Inherited family history, old fishermen's houses, some 30 years ago managment converted and refurbished for tourism and rent. Our apartments are situated in a quiet bay, Pobij, 8 km away from Gdinj, in the eastern part of the island Hvar. Although the apartments are away from civilization, we offer our guests a high quality, clean and comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. We try to make our guests feel comfortable and relaxed at home. Every year we invest and strive to improve our apartment accommodation. Over the years, many guests have recognized our uniqueness and quality so that we have acquired permanent guests who are coming back. 

Why choose robinson type of tourism for your holiday?


Houses intended for "Robinson Crusoe style" type of tourism are located either in remote bays accessible by macadam roads or on small islands. Sometimes found entirely isolated with no houses nearby whilst in other cases grouped with a few other houses. Houses in the bay are not connected to the infrastructure network for electricity and water supply. Drinking water is rainwater collected in water tanks, electricity  only 12 V  (not 220 V) is provided via solar panels (enough for lights in all rooms and charge pfones, batteries, tablets and note book), stoves and refrigerators are run by gas.  GSM signal is reachable. There is  hot water in the house showers ( heated in solar thermal boiler). Also there is open beach shower which is situated by the sea with sun heated water tanks. It is essential to rationally use the water supplies. All necessary supplies should be brought beforehand since local stores are generally located far away. Apartments are equipped with  all necessary household furniture and dishes. There is wi fi internet conection in each apartment. Careful consumption of water, electricity and the internet is recommended. If all of this does not represent you a problem and will not miss the benefits of civilization (TV, air condition, hairdryer, iron, mixer...), if you prefer tranquility, unspoiled nature and crisp clean sea, it will make your vacation on the Adriatic coast unforgettable!

Visit the sunniest island in    the world!    Visit Hvar!

Make your reservation during the winter months and choose the best dates and the best prices.

Apartments SMILJANKA, island Hvar, robinson tourism

owner: Smiljanka Visković, bay Pobij 21467 Gdinj

contact person: Ivana Visković GSM: 0038598552185