Apartments SMILJANKA
island HVAR

bay Pobij 21467 Gdinj village
contact: Ivana Visković
GSM: 0038598552185

Apartments SMILJANKA island Hvar

rental, robinson tourism

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43°09'06.2"N 16°55'28.4"E
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Bay Pobij 
 Pobij cove is situated on the northern shoreline of the island of Hvar, 8 km from the village of Gdinj. A lovely pebble beach and the sky-blue colour of the sea lure the visitors into the sea, and those desiring a 'Robinson Crusoe' experience can find accommodation in the nearby summer houses and apartments.

 How to reach us

You can reach us by car in two ways:
1. by ferry from Drvenik to Sućuraj (30 min), Bogomolje, Gdinj, near Bay Pokrivenik and another 3 km to the bay Pobij.
2. ferry from Split to Stari Grad (2 hours), Jelsa, Poljica, Zastrazisce, near bay Pokrivenik and another 3 km to the bay Pobij. Last 3 km is macadam road.

    Last 3 km is macadam road

         ​Church St. George in Gdinj

Link for map with directions for last 10 km trip,16.9239342,704m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!6m1!1szeiUsr06H54I.kYN3Jw59y3_s

The village of Gdinj is located by the main road, east of the village called Zastražišće. There are plenty of interesting clusters of stone houses, old balconies and courtyards, while aromatic plants  are radiating their scents from the nature which surrounds you. The Renaissance and Baroque style church of St. George built in the 16th century is about 800 m from the center of the village. Close to the parish house there are proud juniper trees. Visitors to Gdinj will undoubtedly enjoy the charms of this Dalmatian village, its traditional specialties being served in Gdinj’s restaurants offering the spirit of an ancient passed times.
In Gdinj there are a few restaurants and self service shops. The nearest bank, post office, hospital and gas station are in Jelsa.


​Lavender indigenous aromatic plant

    Authentic stone hauses in Gdinj


Apartments SMILJANKA, island Hvar, robinson tourism

owner: Smiljanka Visković, bay Pobij 21467 Gdinj

contact person: Ivana Visković GSM: 0038598552185